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Health and Safety

Stay safe, stay clean!

We want to make sure you and your flock have a fabulous time at Lee Valley Park Farms so we have a few health and safety tips and rules to follow when you visit.

These will help keep you and your children safe from E. coli 0157 and other infections that may be found on open farms. Pregnant women need to be extra careful.

Lee Valley Park Farms

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What to wear  

  • Summer sun – make sure you bring plenty of sun cream, hats and stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Even when the sun isn’t shining there are still muddy puddles to jump in and bundles of fun to be had at the farms! If it’s wet we recommend bringing welly boots and waterproofs to make sure the English weather doesn't spoil your fun.
  • Wrap up warm! When the weather is cooler we want you all to be as snug as a bug in a rug so we recommend bringing layers of clothing so you can warm up or cool down as you explore the farms.

 During your visit

  • Please don’t eat or drink whilst walking around the farm. Food should only be eaten in designated picnic rooms, picnic areas in each play area, the Orchard Café or in Bundle Barn.
  • When children are petting or feeding the animals, please don’t allow them to place their face or mouth against the animal’s or put their hands in the animal’s mouth.
  • Don’t allow children to pick up farm tools (e.g. spades and forks).
  • Don’t allow children to climb on walls, fences, gates or animal pens. Listen carefully to instructions and information given by farm staff.
  • Approach animals quietly.
  • Don’t chase, frighten or torment animals.

Hand washing

  • At Lee Valley Park Farms, we have ample hand washing points (please refer to the site map in the leaflet to make yourself aware).
  • After contact with any animals, fences and other surfaces please ensure that hands are washed with antibacterial soap and dried properly before you eat any food or use the play areas.
  • All the hand washing points at Lee Valley Park Farms have warm water, antibacterial soap and hand towels. Please note antibacterial creams and gels are not sufficient and can’t replace hand washing with soap and running water.
  • Young children should be supervised by an adult to ensure that their hands are washed properly.
  • Before you depart, please ensure all children wash their hands thoroughly one last time.  

Read our Risk Assessment summary here

These helpful health and safety guidelines will ensure you all have a safe and fun visit.  

If you have any concerns about health and safety while visiting the farms, please speak to any member of staff,  all us on
01992 892 781, or email us at farms@leevalleypark.org.uk