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The Farmyard

Cock A Doodle Do!

From trotters to snouts our farmyard is home to many of the usual suspects you might expect to find on a farm. However unlike other farms you’ll get the chance to see them up close and even feed them a treat or two, or maybe even three!

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We're open every day

10:00 - 17:00 between

15 February - 1 November 2020

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Pigs are some of the friendliest creatures on the planet; they love to be social and close to each other especially when lying down. Visit our family of pigs in the farmyard. 

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Sheep are very intellectual animals, when ill they self-medicate by eating specific plants. See how smart they really are in the farmyard or during a race on the Olambpigs race track! 

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Goats love attention and hate to be left alone. They eat almost anything they can get their hoofs on so watch out! Meet them during your trip in the farmyard and paddocks. 

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Cows are amazing creatures; they have over 300° vision and can smell things up to five miles away. Catch a ride on Tex the Tractor down to Holyfield Hall Farm to meet them. 

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Donkeys are friendly and very sensible animals. They won't take risks which may endanger themselves which is why they're highly trusted by humans. Meet our trusty friends in the paddocks.

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Highland Cows

Highland Cows are originally from Scotland. They have long wavy coats perfect for winter and large horns. They’re also very protective of their young. Visit them in the World of Farming!

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Ducks have evolved to be highly waterproof. Even when they dive underwater their feathers remain dry. You’ll find them paddling about in the pond.

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Ponies are cheeky and friendly creatures. They love to be brushed and can even sleep standing up! Meet our Shetland Ponies in the paddocks. 

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Rabbits are very sociable animals and love to stay in groups. They often simultaneously groom each other as a sign of affection. Find them in Rabbit World. 

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Guinea Pigs

Unlike their names Guinea Pigs are not pigs but a species of rodent and ironically they don't come from Guinea but from the Andes! They're also often called Cavies so pop into Cavie Canyon to see them.  

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A tortoise’s shell is made up of 60 bones which are all connected. They can retract their head, limbs and tail completely when they feel threatened or scared. See them in Olive Hill!

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Turkeys are very social animals. The males show off their feathers when they meet a potential mate similar to peacocks. Meet the family in Turkey Town.