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Exotic animals

Visit lands far far away...

Travel from the mountains in the Andes to the snowy paths of Lapland in one trail on your visit. Meet our exotic friends down at Critter Corner, Olive Hill and World of Farming and unearth fascinating facts about where they come from.

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We're open every day

10:00 - 17:00 between

15 February - 1 November 2020

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Meerkats live in the hot climate of South Africa where they move around in large groups known as ‘mobs’. Despite their cute exterior meerkats are known to be very territorial, find our mob at Meerkat Lookout!

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Llamas originate from South America and are used as working livestock. Their coats are patterned differently and their thick wool makes for the perfect warm fleece. Check them out in the World of Farming.

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Reindeer are perfectly adapted to live in artic conditions. They’ve thick coats for insulation, large hooves to help move through snow and can lower the temperature in their legs to help save body heat. See them in the World of Farming.

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Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons get their name because they look like they have a beard when they puff up their neck in defence. See for yourself on your visit with a trip to Critter Corner.

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Chinchillas are best known for their incredibly soft fur which they which they use to keep warm when temperatures drop in the Andes, their natural home. See if you can spot one in Critter Corner. 

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Miniature Zebu

Zebu’s are the oldest breed of cattle. The humps on their backs are a reservoir of fat which they can use for energy when food isn’t available. Find our couple in the World of Farming. 

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The venomous but docile Mexican Redknee Tarantula is the most common spider used in movies, due to its large size and beautiful colouration. See our friendly girl Ember over in Critter Corner.

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Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes are constrictors because they wrap their body around what they want to eat. Their name comes from often being found around corn. See them in Critter Corner. 

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Ferrets are adventurous and active creatures however love their sleep and usually doze for 14-18 hours per day! Find ours in the farmyard near Critter Corner.