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Birds of prey

Swoop, soar and dive!

Did you know falconry dates back to nearly 2,000 years ago? Learn even more fantastic facts with an amazing air show at the farms that will take your breath away. Our dedicated falconry team, Coda Falconry, can give you all the ins and outs of what it’s like working with such remarkable animals.

Check out what time our feathery friends take flight!

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We're open every day

10:00 - 17:00 between

15 February - 1 November 2020

Coda Falconry

From falconry displays down on the farm to falconry experiences and bird walks, treat your favourite bird watcher to the ultimate day out!

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Watch beautiful Birds of Prey soar through the skies in daily Coda Falconry flying displays! Plus, check out special experience days and sessions that are sure to make the bird lover in your life jump for joy.

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Frost the Tawny Owl

Two year old Frost is a firm favourite at the farm. Let him amaze you with his swoops and turns in the flying arena and then melt your heart!

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Kami the Common Buzzard

Kami is amazing to watch if you can see her that is! Her camouflage can make her hard to see against our English countryside backdrop.

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Fortune the Red Tailed Buzzard

Fortune gives the full bird of prey experience every time! He loves to catch rabbits (not our rabbits!) during the winter as he soars.

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Griffin the Harris Hawk

One of the elders of the team, Griffin is a crowd pleaser particularly when performing his famous ‘trick’ – watch a show and see it for yourself!

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Dizzy the Barn Owl

Dizzy is the leader of the show ring! Every stunt is done to the highest standard so be amazed as you watch her breath taking performances on your next visit.

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Freya the Snowy Owl

Freya is a 6 month old Snowy Owl. In the wild, Snowy Owls are found in the Arctic Circle and have huge furry feet so they can keep warm on the icy floor that they call home.