Super Fresh Milk!

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We’ve got over 100 Holstein Friesian cows living the high life at our working dairy farm. Munching their way through grass, hay, maize, wheat and a host of other goodies, they produce around one million litres of milk a year.

From 1 May - for the first time – you can buy the freshest milk around direct from the farm gate.

SFM bottle


One of the best things about Lee Valley Park Farms is seeing for yourself where milk comes from. You can see the cows roaming in 35 acres of green fields, watch them being milked and see the farmers at work. They’re early risers - our farmers start milking at 03:30, with a second milking at a more family friendly 14:00. Jump on Tex the Tractor to see cows being milked for yourself.


From there we take some of the milk into our pasteuriser to make it completely safe to drink, then pop it on a trailer for a five minute journey to our brand new state of the art refrigerated dispensing machine. Forget the miles and miles that milk is transported by lorry to your supermarket, you’ll struggle to find milk fresher than our Super Fresh Milk!


Join us on Monday 1 May where you’ll be able to meet one of our farmers, sample the milk, create your own milkshake on a special blending bike that you can cycle yourself. Pop into the main car park anytime from 11:00 – 16:00.


  • Our cows lie down for 14 hours a day – but only sleep for between 30 minutes and three hours.
  • Cows are hefty – a fully grown cow weighs in at three quarters of a tonne.
  • We take great care of our cows. We have a team of four farmers and an apprentice, and a vet visits every fortnight to make sure they are in tip top condition.